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Rio de Janeiro  - 2024


We are next to the first battery retreat, feel up close the surreal energy of a Samba School drum kit, popularly known as the Heart of the Samba Schools...                                   
                        Rio Carnival 2024

"There is no more spectacular sound than that of a samba school drum during Carnival. It has always moved me and makes the blood run faster and hotter in my veins..." 

Carmen Miranda 
Brazilian actress and singer

O camarote

The localization

We are located in sector 2 of Sapucaí, the best sector for arriving and leaving the sambadrome, and the main...At the battery recoil.
In 2024, have an unforgettable carnival.

    There is no better location...

The space

Our interior amphitheater structure with seats ensures that you have a full view of the Samba School parades. And in the outdoor area, in our friezes lounge, you will have direct contact with the drums next door and the parades in front.

                                                  Rio Carnival 2024

Open bar

Consult the complete service with your seller.


 Consult your seller for the full service.



Valid for the Special group parades (Sunday and Monday) and Champions. Consult your seller regarding Access Group services.

Camarote Bateria Nota 10 Beauty Center

beauty center

Makeup touches and hairstyles...

Recover your energy in our Spa to continue dancing samba, alongside the drums...

relaxing spa

Camarote Bateria Nota 10 Spa
Camarote Bateria nota 10 Dj


During our short breaks from the parades, when one school is leaving, the drums of the next are already entering the sambadrome. We will have a DJ playing all the rhythms.


We offer a transfer alternative round trip to Sapucaí, with boarding and disembarking at a meeting point. 


Image for illustration purposes only

This is real Carnival...



09 February

1 – Acari Park Union
2 – Tijuca Empire
3 – Vicar General
4 – Innocents of Belford Roxo
5 – Estácio de Sá
6 – Maricá Union
7 – Academics from Niterói
8 – Unidos da Ponte 


Samba Ipanema - Carnaval Rio

Our Accreditation is only carried out at our main store. Where you must exchange your purchase confirmation/voucher for the ticket to the physical Rio 2024 carnival and additional items, if any.

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Samba Ipanema - Carnival Rio
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