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Where to buy?

The sale of our tickets for the Rio 2024 carnival is carried out by our sales team, only online atTicketmaster, us contacts informed on this website, I answeredface-to-face appointment in our store physics

What are the payment methods?

Payment for your ticket to the Rio 2024 carnival can be made via PIX, national and international credit cards and debit cards. We ask that you avoid using third-party payment methods, due to information crossing, but if necessary, request the payment authorization model with third-party financial data.

Ticket collection

After confirming your purchase, you will receive a confirmation email/voucher with your purchase information, which must be exchanged by physical ticket  and t-shirt in our store, at Rua Visconde de Pirajá 291 - Ipanema. The start date for exchanging tickets for Rio 2024 Carnival and other information can be found in the confirmation email/voucher sent. But if you have any questions, please contact us by clicking HERE.


Box t-shirts are not mandatory and are free to customize. To gain access to the cabin, simply present at the cabin reception, o yours Rio 2024 carnival ticket received in exchange for the voucher in our store, where we will accredit you.


Transfer is included for Special Group parades (Sunday and Monday) and Champions. The system is a shuttle, with boarding point and times already defined. If you choose to go through other means, ask your seller for more information.

What are the opening hours?

The Box is open to customers one hour before the parades and services end at the end of the last school's parade.

Is it Open bar and Open food?

The bar and buffet service are free, however for Access Group parades the service is basic and for Special Group and Champion parades, the service offered is premium.
Ask your salesperson for a description of the services for each Group.

Do you only sell Camarote?

The Camarote Bateria Nota 10 is a product from the Samba Ipanema Company. We are a reference in the sale of ticket packages for Rio's carnival. In addition to the Camarote Bateria Nota 10, we sell packages for Bleachers, Frisas and Corporate Boxes. Request prices from our sales center.

Do you deliver tickets?

Samba Ipanema does not operate a ticket delivery service. All tickets must be collected at our physical store.

Camarote Bateria Nota 10
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